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Draft '99
Draft will be Thursday September 9 at NFFL HQ in Park Ridge. Call in # has been sent by separate email. Page me if you need it. Here is the draft order:

  1. Die Hard w/a Vengeance Kevin McClain

  2. Tommys Jets Ken Corless

  3. TAP Dance Tom Parisi

  4. Wild Dogs Jay Wilder

  5. Popcorn Baskets Dave Koenen

  6. Cad's Army Sean Freeburger

  7. Wolverwienies Rob Kellner

  8. Gator Bites Steve Rietberg

  9. DanDan Binks Dan Woicke

  10. Eads My Shorts Shawn Eads

  11. Kush Balls Kush Jhawar

  12. McCarters McBrowns Jeff McCarter

Let me know if there is any other informations you would like to see on the web site.
Da Commish

Author - Ken Corless.
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