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Draft '99
Draft will be Friday September 10 at NFFL HQ in Park Ridge. Call in # has been sent by separate email. Page me if you need it. Here is the draft order:


1 SF 99ers                              Kevin Pint
2 Detective Palumbos                    Rich Palumbo
3 Joshis Revenge                        DJ Joshi
4 Flying Elvii                          Ken Corless
5 Frechless Dogs                        Todd Frech
6 Meistercards                          John Meister
7 BTOA4P                                Jeremy Grunzweig
8 Oliver Twist                          Kirk Oliver
9 Miller Timeouts                       Chris Miller
10 X Files                              Manish Mehta
11 VanDam the Torpedos                  Thomas Van Dam
12 Da Braun Girls                       Rob Kellner

Let me know if there is any other informations you would like to see on the web site.
Da Commish

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